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Ryan Mathews

Well, we are now half way through the NFL season and if your fantasy running back selection has been doing poorly, then this next part should be interesting.

Ryan Mathews is back.

Fresh off a knee injury, Ryan Mathews is set to play against the Oakland Raiders. If there is one thing we know about Mathews, its that he is often injured, and when returning from an injury the guy is unstoppable.

Let History Repeat Itself.

They say that history repeats itself. Well, lets hope so. Cause if Ryan is anything like last year, then his fantasy stats are going to stack up higher than beer cans at a barbecue. The last two times he came back from injury, the shoulder of course, he ran for over 120 yards in each game and had 2 touchdowns in each game. If he can do it once again, then look out cause this guy is going to beat up your fantasy opponents badder than a pissed off Ray Rice in an elevator (with his wife). I know, its poor taste, but in this instance, entirely appropriate.

Ryan Mathews Own Words

When asked recently how his knee is feeling, Ryan Mathews said, “I cannot wait to plant my knee on the head of a Raiders linebacker”. Scary words indeed. But are the Raiders worried? We went over the stats of Ryan’s previous game and in fact, they would be. Ryan Mathews in both games absolutely destroyed the Raiders for nearly 200 yards and 4 touchdowns. So, I just do not know how you can not include Ryan in this weeks fantasy pick sheet.

Should I Bet the Boat?

I am not sure that is game will be the best game to take a big plunge. However, the following game is a dead lock that Ryan is going to rush for over 100 yards and get at least one touchdown. And another factor concerning Mathews is that when he is fresh, the guy is unstoppable. He breaks more tackles than a crowd of clowns fighting over the rights to host a children’s party. In this case, I would wager a +60, which is pretty aggressive, but not the entire amount.

A Reasonable Backup.

Suppose Ryan Mathews becomes injured in the first quarter and you must rely upon your backup running back? In this particular case, I think that you have to go with Marshawn Lynch. Simply because you just do not know when “Beast Mode” is going appear. For sure, his stats have not been 2013 type numbers, but I think that is just a matter of time before he has his first 200+ yard game, with 2 or 3 touchdowns.

Well that it for today’s fantasy running back selections. For this week, lets go with Ryan Mathews and hope his fragile body holds up. And our backup is going to be Marshawn Lynch. Its a good safe pick, with plenty of upside potential.

Good luck with your picks and once again thanks for reading. Please don’t hesitate to leave comments below. Even if you do not agree, I love to hear differing opinions.

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